Tire and Wheel Service Contract

Potholes, rocks, nails, glass-these are just a few of the hazards you may encounter during normal day-to-day driving. An average tire can cost $160 and a wheel can run more than $300 to replace.

Drive with confidence knowing unforeseen road hazards won’t turn into costly out-of-pocket repairs.

Rest assured that our Tire and Wheel Service Contract covers the damage to your tires and/or wheels caused by everyday hazards such as potholes, rocks, nails and glass.

Choose the plan that best fits your individual needs and budget. Coverage is available for up to 5 years.

Contact your financial services representative about the availability of additional coverage, as well as financing and payment options, such as including the cost of your Tire & Wheel Service Contract in your finance or lease contract (subject to credit approval).

* All products described are subject to the terms and conditions of the particular agreement/policy. This does not constitute a solicitation for insurance.

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